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Lassen National Forest by TewenamaTikamao Lassen National Forest :icontewenamatikamao:TewenamaTikamao 4 3 On The Job by TewenamaTikamao On The Job :icontewenamatikamao:TewenamaTikamao 5 3 Wolf at War by TewenamaTikamao Wolf at War :icontewenamatikamao:TewenamaTikamao 5 4
Mature content
Constuction I :icontewenamatikamao:TewenamaTikamao 0 0
California Summer
I smell the the ash but it has already descended
On the capital where three men were commended
The governor, blinded by the bright city lights
Is deaf to the northern economic plight
If a tree falls in the forest everyone hears it
But if it doesn't the logger's children will feel it
The Golden State is parched, but not it's golf courses
Are you Bakersfield poor or Palo Alto remorseless?
Five Forest Service died fighting the fires
But all people care about is what weed makes them higher
A big quake is coming, and I can't wait
For it to rid the world of this godforsaken state
:icontewenamatikamao:TewenamaTikamao 0 1
Dog Soldier Prologue: Draft 2
    There's no such thing as monsters. There's just people and the choices they make. People love to use the word monster though, especially since the existence of werewolves and vampires was revealed a decade back. Officially, our kind are known as non-humans, but there are still those who choose to call us monsters. Some of our kind even choose to call humans monsters. It's just the nervous hatred of scared people. But there are those who choose to take their hatred to a whole other level. That's where the Non-Human Affairs Bureau comes in. A new branch of the FBI, the NHAB handles all criminal activity involving non-humans. My name is Tëme, and I am an agent in the NHAB. I do not put monsters behind bars, I stop people from making bad choices. That is my life's work, and this is my story.
:icontewenamatikamao:TewenamaTikamao 0 0
Dog Soldier Prologue: DRAFT 1
In the later years of American westward expansion, the Federal Army started receiving less and less hostile resistance. The great native nations of the west were tired of fighting the steadily approaching end to their old ways of life, and they had lost all hope of keeping their lands. They were broken, defeated, all except for the Dog Soldiers.
A splinter tribe of the Cheyenne Nation, they continued to fight the land seizure even as the Cheyenne Chiefs signed the treaties. All odds were stacked against them, yet they fought fiercely for what they loved and cherished. They fought for justice and freedom, and their rights to both. They fought to the last man for any scrap of hope for a better future. Long story short, they lost.
Now, it's been a century and a half since the last Dog Soldier was felled by a Federal bullet, and the land that he fought to protect is occupied by a new people, a united and free people.  And the very government that then fought against  people free
:icontewenamatikamao:TewenamaTikamao 0 0
NHAB by TewenamaTikamao NHAB :icontewenamatikamao:TewenamaTikamao 4 6
Poem: Dog Soldiers
Dog soldiers, rifles in hands
Fight other's wars in other's lands
Worn boots fall from aching paws
As they march on to keep natural law
Scars are given and scars are received
Falsehoods are heard and truths perceived
They fight for the moon and her holy light
They see the good that's out of sight
Dog soldiers, with weary eyes
Know no discharge; they fight or die
:icontewenamatikamao:TewenamaTikamao 0 0
Sketch: Camping by TewenamaTikamao Sketch: Camping :icontewenamatikamao:TewenamaTikamao 0 0 Sketch: Armored Cops by TewenamaTikamao Sketch: Armored Cops :icontewenamatikamao:TewenamaTikamao 0 4
No Control
Loss of words might be a gift
For those who lack literate thrift
Loss of hearing may come as relief
To those who seek auditory peace
Even lack of consciousness has it's brighter side
As sleep is oft wanted after a long hard ride
But lack of control is a dreaded prospect
Fearsome loss of knowledge of what to expect
In a brightly lit PICU a young girl lies in wait
She may fight day and night but none can conquer fate
Donning long white coats the learned men claim control
Arrogance that grows my primal rage a hundred fold
"Why can't I fix her?" I cry to the moon
Her pale face gives no answer as I trudge on through my gloom
:icontewenamatikamao:TewenamaTikamao 2 3
He Defends His People: Chapter 6
I don't know how far I ran before I collapsed from exhaustion. When I awoke the next day, I was back at the campground, laying outside the tent still in my new body. The shredded remnants of my clothing, filthy from the run, clung to my large, hairy frame. When I sat up, someone approached from behind and I spun around quickly, unofficially baring my foreign teeth. The gray werewolf halted in it's approach and put up a clawed hand.
"Easy, I'm just bringing you some coffee. You had a rough night, and I figured you'd want some. You do drink coffee, don't you?"  he said and extend his other hand holding a mug.
"Yes I drink coffee!" I snapped irritability, "who are you?"
"I suppose you wouldn't recognise me" he said as he set the mug next to me, "it's me, Milton."
"Of course it is." I said as I grasped the mug and took a hasty sip. I howled in pain when the boiling hot liquid touched my long pick tongue. "Why didn't you tell me it's hot?" I yelled at Milton.
"It's coffee. The high tem
:icontewenamatikamao:TewenamaTikamao 0 0
He Defends His People: Chapter 5
I sat silently for the rest of the day, just staring into the fire. Fears and uncertainties ran unchecked in my thoughts, consuming all else. Thomas and Milton left me be for the most part, only speaking to me to say "excuse me" as they added wood to the fire. When night began to fall, however, the two men sat down across the campfire from me and Milton cleared his throat to get my attention.
"Look kid, you've gotta talk to us" he said, "this isn't something to keep inside. Thomas and I have both been through this. We both just wanted to be left alone when we were told what we'd become. But the things that go through your head, well, they are natural, but if you're left alone with those thoughts, they start to consume you. It's okay to be afraid, but you have to talk to us."
I remained silent, still gazing into the flames.
Thomas spoke then, his voice filled with guilt; "Look kid, there is nothing that I could ever say to make up for what happened, what I did. But you have to know that
:icontewenamatikamao:TewenamaTikamao 0 0
He Defends His People: Chapter 4, Part B
As I stepped out of the tent, I was greeted by bright morning sunlight trickling through pine branches. The air smelled fresh and natural. I knew that we were at some sort of camp campground, and as I followed Thomas and Milton to the campfire, I noticed that both men were wearing a revolver on their hip.
"Not for you" said Thomas, noting my gaze.
I should have been planning an escape at that point, but something inside me told me that I was safe, that I belonged here. I sat down on a log and Milton handed me a metal plate loaded with sausage and eggs.
"Thanks" I said, and I began to chow down. I was extremely hungry, like I hadn't eaten in days. "How long was I out?" I asked between bites.
"About eight hours" answered Thomas.
"Bullsh*t. I'm starving and my bullet wounds look weeks old."
"Yeah, we kind of have a lot to tell you" Milton said, then turning to Thomas he said, "do you wanna explain it Tommy? After all, you are the one who..."
"I suppose you're right Mil" Thomas exhaled lou
:icontewenamatikamao:TewenamaTikamao 0 1
He Defends His People: Chapter 4, Part A
I woke up to the sound of birds chirping and a fire crackling. Slowly opening my eyes, I assessed my present situation: I was in a tent, tucked into a sleeping bag, and wearing clothing not my own. I racked my brain to try to remember how I got there. When I recalled the shooting, I immediately pulled up the t-shirt I was wearing and examined my torso. Sure enough, I saw three scars, two on my stomach and one on my shoulder. I felt at my back and found the matching exit wounds, also completely healed. Remembering the rest of what went on and what I had seen, I examined my surrounding and saw to empty sleeping bags and some duffel bags. Slowly I got out of the sleeping bag I was in and crawled towards the closed tent flap. As I reached for the zipper, it began to move on its own and I frantically scooted back. The tent flap was pulled aside and a man's face appeared.
"I heard you get out of bed, would you like some eggs and sausage?" said the man.
"Who are you and what did you do to me?
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Non-Humans in the United States by Moonlit-Rebel Non-Humans in the United States :iconmoonlit-rebel:Moonlit-Rebel 16 97


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I just saw the notification about the #summercardproject. As the older brother of a constantly hospitalized sister, I appreciate it greatly. I hope that I can hand deliver to the local hospital and pay back some of the kindness she has received over the years. I hope my fellow deviants know how much it will be appreciated. 


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